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Kleeneeze business opportunity franchise

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KLEENEZE - the Company behind this exciting work from home business opportunity is a household name and institution in the UK - Kleeneze part of Findel plc with an annual turnover in excess of £600 Million. Kleeneze have been offering value for money household products for 90 years. Many are those hard to find products which we know exist but we just cannot find in our local shops and stores.

Today there is a whole range of self explanatory Kleeneze catalogues that do all the selling. THEY ARE YOUR KLEENEZE SHOPS. There is an ever increasing range of items (currently 2,000+) catering for all types of homes, age groups and budgets. Products for the Kitchen, Bathroom, Playroom, Nursery, Garage, Garden Shed, Patios or Garden, for the Car, consumables, health care items and jewellery to name a few. This list goes on and on and in addition there are regular seasonal and sale catalogues including the ever popular bumper Kleeneze Christmas catalogue featuring gift ideas for all age groups.

Check out our brand new Kleeneze ezespa and ezecook catalogues below, flick through these page by page at your leisure.

Take a look through the interactive Kleeneze catalogues yourself from those shown below. Some you can click on and you will then be able to flick through the Kleeneze catalogue page by page. No doubt you will see items you would like and so do most people who look at these catalogues.

Kleeneze offers you the exciting opportunity of part time work from home if you are looking to earn an extra income but also the opportunity to build a large Kleeneze business bringing in serious levels of income plus numerous incentives. Some refer to the Kleeneze business as the alternative franchise offering the levels of income from traditional franchises but without the huge capital outlay required to start these. Look on the Kleeneze catalogues below as the tools to make success and financial freedom for you, working from home with no overheads for premises, stock or staff wages.

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