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  Trevor Mitchell 38 Ballymaconnell Rd, Bangor Co Down BT20 5PS FREEPHONE 0800 195 7445 (UK), FREEPHONE 1800 885 300 (ROI)
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This Kleeneze business opportunity can and will work for you if you are prepared to work the simple and guaranteed Kleeneze system providing you with a regular and increasing Kleeneze income.

Kleeneze have been trading successfully in the UK for 95 years so it is tried, tested and works successfully in boom times, during recessions, wars and credit crunches !!

If all you are wanting is to earn a second income of £200 - £500 / €300 - €750 weekly with part time work from home this is more than possible. Equally while still part time you are more ambitious and want or need to earn £1,000 / €1,500 weekly that still is possible. If full time you can be earning well in excess of these sums and again this is working from home.

The work is very simple and straightforward with ABSOLUTELY NO SELLING and NO OUTLAY FOR STOCK of any kind.

The success of this Kleeneze business opportunity is due to the busy lifestyle everyone leads today giving rise to a huge increase in the number of people of all ages and backgrounds who prefer shopping from their home and catalogue / online shopping in particular. This is a worldwide trend today increasing at a dramatic rate.

We have a range of Kleeneze catalogues featuring well in excess of 2,000 products. Most of these are products used in every home irrespective of the size with many of them being consumables bringing about repeat business. In addition there are several specialised and seasonal catalogues catering for outdoor life & the motorist or gardener plus a bumper Kleeneze Christmas range for all the family and a Cabouchon jewellery range. Just hover your mouse and click on the Kleeneze catalogue on the right. This will open up the latest main Kleeneze catalogue and you can flick through this at your leisure page by page. There will be no doubt several products you see in this you would like to order. This is what happens with the catalogues you leave with potential customers. Many will see items they have been looking for or needing for some time.

Again I stress there is no selling involved. It is just a matter of distributing the packs of Kleeneze catalogues complete with Customer Order Form inside to households in ANY AREA of your choice. They can also be left in Canteens, Office complexes, Social Clubs, Nursing Homes, Play groups etc etc.

You call back for these 2 days later and some will be returned with orders some with no orders. The orders are submitted to the Company via the internet and delivered to your home address within 4 days. You deliver to your Kleeneze customers who pay you on delivery and from this you deduct your commission of 21% paying the rest into any Bank to the Company. In addition at the end of every 4 weeks you receive an additional sum dependant on the total business achieved in the 4 weeks. This additional Kleeneze bonus can range from £60 / €90 to £20,000 / €30,000.

Kleeneze set up every Distributor with a completely FREE Online Shop allowing you to obtain orders from customers for any of the 2,000 Kleeneze products without having to leave your home. This is hosted and maintained by Kleeneze for every Distributor free of charge.

Today we all lead busy lives resulting in a huge and ever increasing number of people doing more and more of their shopping from the comfort and privacy of their home. Now with more and more people having second jobs more people are finding they have less time to shop using the old fashioned methods and revert to shopping from the privacy of their home.


If you are really serious about earning an above average level of income part or full time you can go one step further and build up a team of other Kleeneze Distributors (anywhere in UK, Channel Isles, Isle of Man, Orkneys & Shetlands, Ireland, The Netherlands and Germany). Remember the CREDIT CRUNCH. Today you will have neighbours, friends, work colleagues and customers who are desperate to find a means of earning an extra income and ideally be able to fit the hours around their present lifestyle. In addition, with my help you can start advertising for more Distributors in your local & national newspapers, on the internet, shop window cards etc.

This will provide you with the opportunity to give you those little extras in life many can only dream of. Start today to make YOUR DREAMS become a reality with Kleeneze - Europe's original network marketing company and alternative franchise in the UK, Ireland and Spain.


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