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  Trevor Mitchell 38 Ballymaconnell Rd, Bangor Co Down BT20 5PS FREEPHONE 0800 195 7445 (UK), FREEPHONE 1800 885 300 (ROI)
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Kleeneze work from home business opportunity Questions & Answers

If you have any questions not answered below or on any of the pages of this site feel free to click here now to ask me these.

Q. Is there a minimum number of hours I need to work the Kleeneze business ?

A. We recommend that to be successful in this Kleeneze business from the beginning you need to have at least 12 hours a week spare.

Q. Are there any age restrictions ?

A. The minimum age is 18.

Q. What is essential to make a success of Kleeneze ?

A. Ideally you need use of a car, internet access and land line telephone number. You can run the Kleeneze business without these but it is much simplier if you have these.

Q. Do I need sales or business experience to operate a Kleeneze business ?

A. No, there is NO SELLING involved in Kleeneze and everything you need to do and how is explained in the Kleeneze Business Manual you receive when you start and available online. In addition I am here to help and advise you all along the way with your Kleeneze business.

Q. What area do I get ?

A. No one in the Kleeneze business has an area as such. You are completely free to operate the business in one or more areas of your choice. The concept is you build up a loyal customer base and service these regular customers by calling on them every 6-7 weeks. Other Kleeneze Distributors may be operating in the same location but they too will service their own regular Kleeneze customers. In the UK with 90 years trading less than 25% of the households receive a regular visit from a Kleeneze Distributor. You therefore have a huge potential to expand your own Kleeneze business by building up a team of other Kleeneze Distributors.

Q. I don't know anyone who would be interested in starting Kleeneze.

A. When I joined I started my next door neighbour and 2 relatives in my first week in the business. There are a wide variety of ways to get people to join your team and I can help you with these. Don't forget with the present Credit Crunch more and more people are now desperatedly looking for a way to earn additional part time income.

Q. When can I start my Kleeneze business ?

A. Immediately ! If you get back to me I will arrange for you to receive a link to fill in an online Registration Form and order your Kleeneze Business Kit which will be delivered to your home address inside 4 days. From then on the sky's the limit to your Kleeneze income.

Q. How do I distribute the catalogues ?

A. The concept is that you leave the catalogues with customers and call back to collect them to distribute to other potential customers. There are two ways of doing this each with advantages and disadvantages. If you letterbox the catalogues this is quick but you will loose some of your catalogues so will have less to circulate to others. If on the other hand you present the catalogues by knocking on the door while this takes longer you don't loose many catalogues and will pick up more and bigger orders.

Q. Will I loss catalogues ?

A. Yes initially, but to minimise the losses see above. In your first few months in the business while you are building up your customer base the company will provide you the opportunity to obtain replacements catalogues.

Q. Do I need to talk about the products ?

A. Definitely not. Your role is to distribute and collect the cataloges. The catalogues will do all the work for you. They are your salesmen or if you like shops.










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